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Message boards : News : Resuming WU supply: KKAL5

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Message 21040 - Posted: 22 Apr 2011 | 18:56:14 UTC
Last modified: 24 Apr 2011 | 20:04:21 UTC

After hopefully settling the scheduler issue, I'm gradually reopening the WU faucets. I'll be sending KKAL5/6/... workunits in the standard queue, which take ~6h on a GTX275. In addition to belonging to a protein of great interest , they are also part of a new approach which hopefully makes the best use of the simulated time, re-evaluating each day (or so) the simulation threads that are more promising. (And no changes is required on your side.)

If you are not getting WUs, please post in the "server and website" forum.

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Message boards : News : Resuming WU supply: KKAL5